OK, here it is. The first, last and only time you’ll ever see Coldplay here at lifeinthecyclelane. Officially, I hate them and everything they stand for. But, for today’s post, I simply couldn’t think of a more appropriate song.

Better quality photos will follow in due course but for the time being, here’s a quick shot of my brand new (albeit a year old) Brooks B17 World Traveller special edition:

Brooks B17 World TravellerAnd, as if that wasn’t enough… BEHOLD! Yes, that is a brand spangly new set of Jeff Jones loop bars.

Surly Troll Jeff Jones loop barI think I just wet myself.

it’s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)


You may recall, way back in 2012, several things happened:

  • The UK hosted a quite spectacular Olympic Games
  • Her Maj celebrated her Diamond Jubilee
  • Some other royals got married
  • We all got an extra day off work
  • I built my Surly Troll
  • If you read the Maya prophecy in just the right way, the world was supposed to end

Happily, the world didn’t end and, a year later in 2013, some other things have happened:

  • The UK hosted an apparently equally spectacular anniversary games (I didn’t see it so this is based purely on what Facebook tells me)
  • Her Maj has stuck around, stubbornly refusing to let poor old Charlie have a go in the big chair
  • The other royals have apparently had a baby (again, this is purely based on the Facebook based hysteria I’ve unfriended people for)
  • We all had to go to work
  • I’ve fallen out of love with my Surly Troll (based on the fact I hardly ever ride it anymore)
  • It turns out the Maya were all wrong (I’m basing this on the fact people are still posting pictures of their cats on Facebook)

Oh, one more thing happened in 2012:

  • A few chaps who work at Brooks England went out back, selected an unlucky few of their organic cows from the herd and decided to make a limited run of 2012 of their B17 saddle, called ‘The World Traveller’

And earlier today, in 2013, this happened:

  • I bought number 110 / 2012

The usual selection of gratuitous, full frontal, close up, high definition glory shots of said saddle mounted atop my steed will of course follow in due course along with another eye-wateringly expensive upgrade for my much neglected touring machine.

ssshhh… don’t tell Karen. She’ll kill me. Kill me dead. And, if she ever finds out quite how much these 2 new parts have cost, she’ll revive me and then kill me dead again.

For now, you’ll just have to make do with this teasing picture of the box. Enjoy!