hey jealousy


* grumble grumble mutter mutter grumble grumble *

Oh, hi there. And happy Thursday to you all. Let us celebrate it almost being the weekend with a long overdue edition of Random stuff people were searching for when they landed here trivia!

And, whilst we’re at it, I reckon we should also break out:

∞ What I’ve been reading Wednesday ∞
(or whatever day it happens to be when I’m posting this)

* mutter grumble mutter grumble *

Recently, in the little spare time I’ve had, I’ve mostly been reading some of my favourite blogs and vicariously riding alongside them as they enjoy their summer tours in various spectacular corners of the world.

Me? I’m stuck here in Manchester, England trying to enjoy as much of the nice weather as my list of chores will allow.

But, I’m not bitter. Not bitter at all.

* grumble grumble mutter mutter *

So anyway, if you’re also into living vicariously, you could do a lot worse than join the Northern Walker and his Surly Troll braving the wind and ring roads in Iceland (normally found braving the wind and ring roads in Manchester) – first post here.

Or perhaps you might want to go Chasing Mailboxes on the back of a CoMotion Tandem in Colorado (they’re normally found in Washington D.C.) – first post here.

This week’s Google-mongers have been searching for (amongst other things):

  • Surly Troll touring
  • Trans Pennine Trail 3 days
  • Can you cycle round Torside reservoir?
  • Upper Don Trail
  • Trans Pennine Trail Hadfield
  • Cycling on Woodhead Pass

All of which has got me all nostalgic thinking about my very own mini tour when I took a couple days off work and headed off in search of adventure; you can read all about that here.

Oh, I almost forgot! My favourite search term this week was…

“Tips for cycling over Woodhead Pass”

…so today’s lifeinthecyclelane top tip is…

“Don’t be a lettuce.”


just a girl


I am not well. Whatever this Man Flu / virus / chest infection thing is that I’ve had for the last fortnight, it’s sure taking its sweet time going away. Today was my first day back on the bike for a good 2 weeks and, less than 15 miles later, I’m feeling terrible. Of course, the UK is currently experiencing what will probably be the best weather we’ll get this year so I suppose I’ll miss it and just have to head out when it turns nasty again (if I ever fully recover!).

Anyhoo. Enough of me feeling sorry for myself; it’s high time we got back to important business and delve into the archives of:

∞ What I’ve been reading Wednesdays
(or whatever day it happens to be when I’m writing this)

Today, we are featuring another blogger recently struck down with real life syndrome. But, her posts are always worth waiting for! Allow me to introduce you to the sipping, clipping & going Sip, clip and go! and, in particular the post Just a girl? which made me laugh and shake my head in equal propotions.

That’s all we have time (and energy) for tonight folks, I’m off in search of medicine and sympathy.

alive and kicking


Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

That said, I would like to apologise to the loyal followers of lifeinthecyclelane for the unprecedented break in service. I’d like to say this has been due to the fact I’ve been spending every free moment out on my bike… I’d like to say a lot of things. Truth be told, pesky real life has been rather getting in the way of things recently.

But, it’s not been all housework, chores, family visits, driving lessons and farmers’ markets (don’t ask)… There have been quite a few exciting cycling related developments over here at lifeinthecyclelane HQ of late and, real life permitting, whatever passes for normal service around here will soon resume.

If you think you can control yourselves, just consider these uber exciting upcoming posts / features:

  • The dubiously welcome return of ‘Random stuff people were searching for when they landed here trivia!’ with, seeing as I’ve been AWOL for about a month, a special one-off month long special. I know, right?
  • A few gems from the ‘What I’ve been reading Wednesdays (or whatever day it happens to be when I’m writing this)’ archives. I’m somewhat behind in keeping up with the blogs I read, let alone the one I write!
  • pink – I’m particularly looking forward to this one; not only do we get to listen to Aerosmith but you get to read all about one of my latest custom bike builds. Readers of a nervous disposition should consult a medical expert before tuning in.
  • paint it black – I think officially the first appearance by the mighty (and wrinkly) Rolling Stones; this’ll be one for all the Surly Troll owners, anyone looking for a 60mm wide full wrap mudguard, anyone who’s ever rattled their SKS Commuters to bits at 30mph on an old railway bed and just about anyone else who reads the post by accident.
  • basket case – A nice bit of Green Day, of course and the story of one girl’s bike that has spent more of its life in the workstand than on the trails.
  • broken down – The obligatory lifeinthecyclelane grunge accompaniment to my disturbingly literal blow by blow account of how [not] to fit Froggleg cantilever brakes, brought to you by the rather angry and rather brilliant JJ72.
  • simple man – Now, as a rule, I don’t think cover versions of songs are a good thing but in this case, I’m afraid the Shinedown version is just SO much better than the Lynyrd Skynyrd one. Anyway, we shall be asking some of life’s most important questions:
    • What happens when your favourite bike shop has a 2nd birthday celebration?
    • What would a Krampus cake look / taste like?
    • Vegan pizza, really?
    • Is Corona better with or without lime?
    • What’s it like to have the guys from Surly tell you they were checking out your Troll? Yes, you did read that part right.

21195_10151608679519863_755683448_nStick around kids, it’s gonna be good.

Right now, this is where I’m headed:

(Karen’s out for the night and so am I!)

you don’t bring me flowers


You might want to break out the tissues for this one…

…what? You keep a box of tissues next to your computer “just in case”? I think it’s probably best not to ask too many follow up questions about that.

Anyhoo… I’ve decided to break with tradition and actually post an episode of our new feature on a proper real bona fide Wednesday! Yes, yes, it’s time for:

∞ What I’ve been reading Wednesdays
(or whatever day it happens to be when I’m writing this)

I’ve been at this blogging lark for a little while now and along the way I’ve found a few really excellent blogs to follow (they’re listed over there on the left if you fancy having a look); I’ve also found a few that turned out to be slightly less enjoyable to follow than I first thought they’d be (they’re not listed anywhere).

Tonight, I’d like to introduce you to one the first blogs I started following and, indeed, one of the very first crazy people bloggers to follow my humble little blog here; the very excellent Tim’s cycling blog.

Recently, Tim (on his cycling blog) has been delighting us with such wonders as ‘AjaxControlToolkit version 7.0123 with .NET 4.5‘, ‘ASP.NET Web Forms Response.Write in an UpdatePanel #dev #web‘ and ‘Notes on the 50 percent DIV, Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, CSS #dev #web‘… yep, I was discussing such things when I was in the bike shop the other day too.

Hardly the most prolific of bloggers, young Tim here had this to say about a recent post:

“I didn’t miss you until I read this post, I now feel cheated and owed some posts. Or are you going to take a forfeit?”

Now, as intrigued by some kind of forfeit as I am, I suppose there’s nothing for it but for me to make a concerted effort to post about cycling a bit more often…

…on one condition! We want to know more about how you’re getting on with Rudy!

under pressure


Good evening dear readers and happy Thursday to you all! Thanks for all the messages of concern, issuing of search parties, placards, marches and… wait, what? You hadn’t noticed I haven’t been posting much recently? Pfft.

Well, be that as it may, it is Thursday again which means it’s time once again for our uber exciting foray into the murky world of:

‘Random stuff people were searching for when they landed here trivia!’

But wait! Order now using your credit card and we’ll double this offer by also including our semi-interesting, semi-regular, semi-new feature:

∞ What I’ve been reading Wednesdays
(or whatever day it happens to be when I’m writing this)

Regular readers (I continue to hold out hope I actually do have some) may remember I’ve recently been feeling like something of a lettuce; mincing about, worrying something rotten about the bike slipping out from under me, resulting in the less than pleasant experience of picking pieces of gravel out of my face.

I’ve been trying out all sorts of different things in an effort to overcome my irrational fears: knobbly v slick tyres, road bike v touring bike, short stem v long stem, heavily laden bike v stripped down speed machine, thinking v not thinking – that last one doesn’t come too highly recommended, incidentally.

But, above all things I’ve tried, one thing above all others has really made all the difference to my cycling experience. It’s changed how I think about cycling, how my bike(s) handle, how I lean into corners and how I think about the surface (whatever surface it may be) I’m rolling over. I am, of course, talking about tyre pressures.

Here at lifeinthecyclelane HQ, we get a lot of visitors searching the interwebs looking for wisdom about tyre pressures; me being me, I even tried my best to provide a little of my own experience which may or may not be of some use to this week’s search term trivia winner:

“DMR Moto RT 26 tyre pressure”

To be completely fair, I really need to strap them back onto the Troll at some point and give them a second chance… maybe my new found knowledge will change my mind about them.

Until such time, let me introduce you to a blog recommended to me by friends who own a bike shop: Guitar Ted Productions and the post in question: Musings on Tires. UK readers will have to forgive the repeated misspelling of ‘tyres’, such is life when you read US blogs.

Still with me? Full of new knowledge and ready to lower your own tyre pressures? No? Still not quite convinced yet? Need a bit more coaxing? Wondering what Surly would do?

Not for the faint of heart: Surly Bikes blog and the disturbingly ‘normal’ post: Tires (again, you’ll have to forgive all the Americanisms, bless ’em).

We should hopefully be back to more regular posting now I have a stable broadband connection and, with the Troll approaching its 1st birthday, a few tweaks are in order and it’s about time I reviewed some more kit I love and kit I hate – keep your eyes peeled!

champagne supernova


I’m a fairly simple man, really. I like my beer cold, my summer hot and my bikes ridonculous (whatever that means). 538264_10150964770779863_1147176664_nRegular visitors will also know I’m grumpy. So very grumpy.

I’ve been writing this blog for a little while now and it continues to amaze me there are so many people out there interested in the thoughts produced by the random flights of my tortured mind… thanks for the support guys, it really means a lot to me.

So, what does a socially maladjusted crazy ass cyclist blogger do in his spare time? He reads other cycling blogs, of course! Again, my tastes here are very simple – I really don’t follow that many blogs and the ones I do are carefully selected and come with a great mixture of humour, sarcasm, bike porn and just a little bit of darkness.

Cue my semi-exciting, semi-regular new feature here at lifeinthecyclelane:

∞ What I’ve been reading Wednesdays
(or whatever day it happens to be when I’m writing this)

For our first outing, we’ll be visiting with one of my favourite bloggers and a very regular ‘liker’ of my posts… bless, it’s not his fault.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the delightfully named ‘The Drunken Cyclist’ and his recent post ‘I have a problem‘ which really put a smile on my face.

Keep on drinking, keep on cycling and keep on liking!