This is a blog for everyday cyclists, written by an everyday cyclist.

Between commuting to work (day in, day out; come rain or shine), weekend fun on the roads and trails and the occasional bike tour, I ride about 4000 miles a year.

I build my own bikes and I’m constantly learning about which parts and accessories work well and, perhaps more importantly, which don’t! I’ll share my experiences with you and, hopefully, you’ll find it all helpful.

I’m also lucky enough to own a BOB Yak trailer nicknamed ‘Kojak’ which I get a surprisingly large amount of use out of despite our love / hate relationship.

Expect honesty, good music, a tiny bit of ranting and the best porn there is; bike porn!

2 thoughts on “about

  1. I give up!

    I am absolutely obsessed with that little rack you have on the back of your surly ogre, and must know what kind it is! (And which wholesaler has it).

    I have a surly ogre myself and want to turn it into a slightly more rannondeurring style rig. Just did a tour from Portland to San Francisco on it, amazing ride!

    • Hi Desmond,

      It’s a Carradice Bagman rack, the quick release version. It comes in different sizes, depending on which bag you want to carry.

      Any good bike shop that stocks Carradice bags should be able to order one for you.

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