DSCF5854Around this time last year, you might recall being made hungry and / or disturbed by the Krampus cake Karen made for Keep Pedalling’s 2nd birthday… mmm cake…

Since then, I’ve done my fair share of cake related chores and more cakes than I can count have come out of The Baking Room’s kitchen.

And, in what has now become time honoured tradition, as Keep Pedalling’s 3rd birthday approached, word on the street (at least the street the bike shop is on) was that something Surly this way comes…

photo credit: Surly Bikes

photo credit: Surly Bikes

With the mixed feelings of trepidation and excitement that come with the certain knowledge of impending beer drinking, beer drinking, beer drinking and other Surly related mayhem came the cake order.

“Oh bejeesus. If they ordered the Krampus cake last year, what in the hell are they going to ask for this year???” was the gist of the conversation I had with Karen. We didn’t have to wait long to find out.

When Shona started pushing her chest out and hinting I should take a closer look I didn’t quite know what do. I looked over at Rich who was grinning with a knowing look on his face.

“Oh, it’s going to one of those parties…” I thought to myself.

“Look at my shirt!” Shona insisted, pushing her chest out even more. Eventually I caved… I mean, what’s a man to do?

Surly clown t-shirt

photo credit: QBP

Anyhoo, Shona was wearing her Surly t-shirt. You know the one, it’s got a creepy picture of a dismembered clown head with blood pouring out of its mouth.

After remarking on how cool is was etc. etc. the realisation slowly dawned on me. Yep, the way to top last year’s Krampus cake: A 3D cake version of the creepy Surly clown head with blood pouring out of its mouth.

“What’s your budget?” was my first stupid question.

Some time later after I’d explained the whole concept to Karen and we’d been through several different design ideas and eventually settled on the realisation that somehow making the cake actually bleed would be more challenging than time or budget allowed for, we delivered the final product and set it up with only minutes to spare before the party started.

surly clown head cakeI have it on good authority that a number of people with serious clown phobias have had sleepless nights as a result of seeing this cake. Yeah? You wanna try making the damned thing!

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