two out of three ain’t bad


Last Saturday I was a determined man. With a rare day all to myself I set out on the bike to put a few miles on the clock and take care of a few errands… now, if only there were some way to combine going for a bike ride with running errands in some kind of time limited, rule based annual challenge…

But wait, there is such a thing! I am, of course, referring to the Chasing Mailboxes Errandonnee Challenge 2014.

1795689_10152477967614863_2101079586_nI’ve already taken care of my first errand which also took care of over half the required mileage for the entire challenge and ticked off one ‘after dark’ recommendation.

Errand #2 is shoe-horned into the ‘personal care’ category but might have to be moved into the ‘wild card’ category later on if going to the cashpoint / ATM for cash doesn’t qualify as personal care.

Errand #3 was a trip to ‘any store that is not the grocery store’ to collect my cycling jacket which I dropped off last week to have a new zip fitted. The only problem was, I couldn’t pick up my jacket because they tried to screw me on the price and I ended up storming out the shop after having a row with the stupid woman behind the counter. Grrr. Anyway, even though I technically didn’t complete my errand, it still counts.

1150889_10152479810654863_1223898250_nErrand #4 was a much happier experience as it was a trip to my local bike shop  to a) pick up some bits and bobs I needed for my Troll, b) hang out with my friends who own the place, and c) cheer myself up after the awful experience in the previous store. So, I guess it could qualify as either ‘bike shop’, ‘community meeting’ or ‘personal care & health’… I think we’ll go with ‘bike shop’.

1429_10152479811194863_2052334176_nWith my faith in humanity restored, swag from the bike shop stuffed in my saddle bag and the sun shining, I decided to take the extra long way home and stopped to take a picture of a squirrel sitting on a fallen tree, eating a nut. I swear he was there… the little blighter sat there muching away waiting for me to get my camera out and, just as I was focusing, ran off… you can just make him at right at the far end.

So, I guess the thing I learned is that squirrels are mischievous.

Total combined mileage for these 3 errands: at least 25.

Oh, here’s a gratuitous shot of my Surly Ogre, for no particular reason.


9 thoughts on “two out of three ain’t bad

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