four seasons in one day


Every year it’s the same.

Once the hideousness of what seems to have become a 3 month long christmas ‘season’ is out the way, I make a number of promises to myself:

  1. Next year I’ll make an effort to blog more often.
  2. Next year I’ll cycle to work every day, whatever the weather (unless I’m dead or dying).
  3. Next year I’ll ride more.
  4. Next year I’ll keep track of mileage.
  5. Next year I won’t make any new year resolutions.

Here we are in mid-February and so far I’ve failed miserably at 1, 4 & 5.

Happily, I’ve been staunchly adhering to 2 & 3 (even when I’ve been dying [of Man Flu] and, a couple of times, when I’ve narrowly escaped ending up dead).

My latest commuting steed (Surly Ogre) has been doing a fine job and all the money I splurged last year on Gore waterproofs has proved to be worthwhile. Heck, I’ve even got dynamo lights on my bike these days.

When I rode in at dark o’clock this morning, I thought I felt a optmistic nip of spring in the air… by the time I’d made it my meeting in Coventry, a snow storm was in full force. By lunchtime, the blue skies and glorious sunshine I gazed longingly at through the office window made me hanker for those long hot summer days and the ride home at dark o’clock this evening was cold, wet and windy. England, what a country!

So yes, we’re very much still alive and kicking cycling here at lifeinthecyclelane HQ and there’s plenty to update you on in the coming months – please, try to contain your excitement.

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