slip sliding away


Ah Autumn (that’s Fall for those of the American persuasion). The days are getting shorter, the roads and trails are getting quieter, it’s time to break out the foul weather commuter, fit the full wrap mudguards and clip on the lights.

Largely, because I’m lazy, I’ve saved a little time this year by simply rolling out the same bike I’ve been riding all summer. It already is my foul weather commuter, it already has full wrap mudguards and I haven’t bothered to take my lights off since last year. They even still had some charge left – bonus.

Along with my lazyness comes falling leaves, mizzle, drizzle, and every other kind of rain Manchester can throw at you (that’s a lot of rain, by the way). With a lot of rain in a city with lots of painted lines and lots of manhole covers comes a lot of risk of going face surfing. This morning, I very nearly dropped my Troll several times when the front wheel slipped out on shiny metal / paint / oil spots…

Be careful out there.

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