wake me up when september ends

Wait. What happened to the summer?

It’s been an exceedingly busy few months here at lifeinthecyclelane HQ and I’m sorry to say I haven’t been able to spend anything like as much time as I wanted to actually in the cycle lane…

I did manage to bag a few days off work, during which I had every intention of getting well and truly lost in North Wales. I bought new front panniers, test packed all of my gear, picked out camping spots and even planned the route. But, as is often the way with Mice and Men, even the best laid plans often go wrong.

Struck down with what can only be described as the worst case of Man Flu ever recorded (the pathetic complaining was particularly bad), I had to admit defeat and spent my holiday on the couch, dosed to the eyeballs with Lemsip (other high quality medicines are also available).

Since then, I’ve been half recovered, half exhausted… struggling to get out of bed, struggling to shift lingering lower back pain and a persistent headache, struggling to cycle even the 6 miles to work without exhausting myself even more.

Yep. It’s been lousy.

Happily, as September draws to a close, I’m starting to finally feel a bit better and have even managed to return to commuting by bike. So, even though yet another Summer passes me by without getting away on a bike tour, I take pleasure in the cool, foggy mornings, approaching dark evenings and the serenity that comes only from a country lane / forest track completely devoid of fair weather cyclists.

Who knows, maybe I’ll head out later in the year for a winter tour…

In any event, I will certainly be making more effort to bore you to tears entertain you with tales borne in (and out) of the cycle lane.

Pashley head tube badgeOh, for now, just a little teaser… what do you reckon this head badge is attached to?

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