OK, here it is. The first, last and only time you’ll ever see Coldplay here at lifeinthecyclelane. Officially, I hate them and everything they stand for. But, for today’s post, I simply couldn’t think of a more appropriate song.

Better quality photos will follow in due course but for the time being, here’s a quick shot of my brand new (albeit a year old) Brooks B17 World Traveller special edition:

Brooks B17 World TravellerAnd, as if that wasn’t enough… BEHOLD! Yes, that is a brand spangly new set of Jeff Jones loop bars.

Surly Troll Jeff Jones loop barI think I just wet myself.

10 thoughts on “yellow

    • It is designed to give an aero position of sorts but it’s also a good place for mounting lights, GPS, bags and the such.

      From my quick spin around the block, I can see how it would work but I really need to put some miles on it and wrap it with bar tape before I can give a proper report.

      • I very nearly put some clip on time trial bars on the Troll (even bought some) but they were just wrong… what kind of bars do you have on Bluebell now?

      • Better late than never… I still have flat bars, but hold the bar either side of the bar bag mount, I’ve wrapped in bar tape and it is a bit better, need to double it up though I think. I would try TT bars, but the bar bag is in the way, plus it’s easy to lift my hand four or five inches to the right and grab the front brake! The Ergons get most of the ride time, just when the wind is up or I’m going downhill do I opt for the more aero position.
        One day (if I’m happy) I’ll post about it, but I’m not posting much nowadays unless it is garden related for some unknown reason, maybe nothing life changing or fun cycling wise to mention.

  1. *passes Tim a 10pee towlol*
    I agree…Coldplay are hideous. Music to slit your wrist by…..
    Glad to see Karen hasn’t done away with you for purchasing your preshuss šŸ™‚

  2. Interested to see how you get on with that bar… been looking at one myself. Good work on the saddle… enjoy the break in!

    • First impressions:

      1) It’s a bit like driving a bus to start with but once you get used to the extra width, you are soon rewarded with the Krampusesque ‘crush, kill, destroy’ riding position.

      2) I need to play with the angle of the bars and get my saddle shifted back a little but I am, as yet, rather unconvinced by the ‘aero’ position the loop gives. I did spend a lot of my ride today using that part of the bar (along with the bazillion other hand positions I had to choose from) but only an all day ride with luggage will tell how well it works out.

      3) Despite the ‘crush, kill, destroy’ confidence I had, I was all to aware of just how wide the bike was when darting through small gaps in city centre traffic. They’re not for lettuces, these bars.

      4) Are they worth the money? Perhaps. Time will tell. They certainly are a thing of beauty.

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