just a girl


I am not well. Whatever this Man Flu / virus / chest infection thing is that I’ve had for the last fortnight, it’s sure taking its sweet time going away. Today was my first day back on the bike for a good 2 weeks and, less than 15 miles later, I’m feeling terrible. Of course, the UK is currently experiencing what will probably be the best weather we’ll get this year so I suppose I’ll miss it and just have to head out when it turns nasty again (if I ever fully recover!).

Anyhoo. Enough of me feeling sorry for myself; it’s high time we got back to important business and delve into the archives of:

∞ What I’ve been reading Wednesdays
(or whatever day it happens to be when I’m writing this)

Today, we are featuring another blogger recently struck down with real life syndrome. But, her posts are always worth waiting for! Allow me to introduce you to the sipping, clipping & going Sip, clip and go! and, in particular the post Just a girl? which made me laugh and shake my head in equal propotions.

That’s all we have time (and energy) for tonight folks, I’m off in search of medicine and sympathy.

4 thoughts on “just a girl

  1. If it helps, I’ve got joint inflammation in my left food and a bruised finger (nail), but my pain killing supplement of cakes and biscuits are working wonders. Shame we’re out of crisps. An hour on the bike works wonders too, until afterwards that is.

  2. Hope it clears up soon! You’re suuuuuure it’s not hayfever? (Someone has to ask!) 😛

    Conversely, I’ve been feeling rubbish in a stabby pain way, but cycling makes me feel loads better. I think it’s something to do with endorphins.

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