you don’t bring me flowers


You might want to break out the tissues for this one…

…what? You keep a box of tissues next to your computer “just in case”? I think it’s probably best not to ask too many follow up questions about that.

Anyhoo… I’ve decided to break with tradition and actually post an episode of our new feature on a proper real bona fide Wednesday! Yes, yes, it’s time for:

∞ What I’ve been reading Wednesdays
(or whatever day it happens to be when I’m writing this)

I’ve been at this blogging lark for a little while now and along the way I’ve found a few really excellent blogs to follow (they’re listed over there on the left if you fancy having a look); I’ve also found a few that turned out to be slightly less enjoyable to follow than I first thought they’d be (they’re not listed anywhere).

Tonight, I’d like to introduce you to one the first blogs I started following and, indeed, one of the very first crazy people bloggers to follow my humble little blog here; the very excellent Tim’s cycling blog.

Recently, Tim (on his cycling blog) has been delighting us with such wonders as ‘AjaxControlToolkit version 7.0123 with .NET 4.5‘, ‘ASP.NET Web Forms Response.Write in an UpdatePanel #dev #web‘ and ‘Notes on the 50 percent DIV, Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, CSS #dev #web‘… yep, I was discussing such things when I was in the bike shop the other day too.

Hardly the most prolific of bloggers, young Tim here had this to say about a recent post:

“I didn’t miss you until I read this post, I now feel cheated and owed some posts. Or are you going to take a forfeit?”

Now, as intrigued by some kind of forfeit as I am, I suppose there’s nothing for it but for me to make a concerted effort to post about cycling a bit more often…

…on one condition! We want to know more about how you’re getting on with Rudy!

6 thoughts on “you don’t bring me flowers

  1. Truth be told, I am your only follower. Lol.

    Rudy is the wife’s bike that she never rides (10 miles max this year in total) and he’s my backup bike when Bluebell isn’t operational (which is very rare and normally only down to my laziness). He’s a sweet ride, very cool and definitely fun. But bluebell is quicker and better in traffic. Don’t tell the wife but most components will fit Bluebell too 🙂

    Apologies for the techie posts, sometimes I write them to show things can be done when others on the Internet claim they can’t, other times it’s just because I have a poor memory and live off lists.

      • Tim, Tess. Tess, Tim. See, I have *2* followers… Count ’em, 2.

        Karen’s bike has done exactly 0 miles so far this year, which is almost exactly the same number as last year…

      • Pleased to (virtually) meet you Tess…. Lol, I bet Tess is your other WordPress alias and you are pretending to have another follower.

        If we didn’t have a little one my wife would be out on Rudy more, or that’s what I’d like to think.

      • I was going to describe Tess to prove she’s real but then I realised I was going to say:

        She’s gorgeous, has red hair, loves cycling, bacon and saying f**k a lot… Oh, plus, she’s an engineer and comes complete with a wicked sense of humour.

        Yeah, you’re right, there’s no way on Earth she could possibly be real.

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