safety dance


Wait. What? It’s Thursday already??? That must mean it’s time for yet another thrilling episode of ‘Random stuff people were searching for when they landed here trivia!’… please, try to contain your enthusiasm.

It’s been a fairly busy week over here at lifeinthecyclelane HQ with quite literally some visitors sent our way by various search engines, all of which are (as usual) high quality contenders for the grand prize of being immortalised on a Thursday; but, there can be only one winner this week and it’s this little gem:

“is it safe to cycle on a canal towpath when it’s icy?”

Yes, and also no.

But mostly no (for me).

It all very much depends on how much of a lettuce you are, how good your bike handling skills are, what tyres you have fitted, what the towpath surface is made of and how much you fancy the idea of potentially slipping on a patch of ice and ending up taking a swim with whatever happens to be lurking in the canal. Of course, you won’t survive too long in water that cold anyway…

And on that happy note, I’ll leave you!

Oh, I’ve been thinking about a new weekly feature to delight my beloved lifeinthecyclelane readers… or, is there something in particular you’d like to see here?

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